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Creative Portraits | Finding Fresh Ideas

September 17, 2017

Looking at the date of my last blog post, I can't believe it's been two years since I last wrote something! My apologies for being negligent about updating my blog! Time sure does fly by when you're booked with photo sessions, family obligations, and got married!  

Over these past two years, I've met a number of wonderful families, expectant moms, adorable newborns, fun happy hour goers, and fluffy puppers. In-between the busy times, I continued to hone in on my craft by learning more about off camera flash which has been a tough, but enjoyable journey.

But, with such a full schedule, you may wonder is she still enjoying photography? The short answer is... Absolutely! Some weeks are harder than others, but if you can find the humor in every situation and laugh as often as you can, it helps to make the busy times enjoyable. Not to mention, meeting new people and hearing their stories is energizing and helps with getting the creative juices going. Over these past years I worked on keeping my photo sessions invigorating and new. This meant finding new locations and getting my toes wet, literally. I also realized the only thing that kept me from creating fresh ideas was myself. See below for a couple of examples of how I was able to keep my sessions fun and fresh. 

Have Boat. Will Float. 

Kelly and Scot love to get family portraits every year. While the time of year of our photo session changes, there is one thing that always happens - an increase in my creativity. If you are veteran of photo sessions, you're familiar with the poses, the props, the combinations of the family members, etc. Because these family sessions can become routine, they have the potential to become stale. So, how do you keep sessions with veterans like this fresh? I've discovered that it takes a special location, as well as a stroll down the aisle at Home Goods. 

My husband and family laugh at me whenever I tell them I'm heading over to Home Goods. My original intentions is always to find something to furnish our home, but somehow I always end up leaving the store with a prop, blanket, or something of that nature! My latest trip to Home Goods didn't disappoint. On one of the end caps, I noticed a little boating vessel. For most shoppers they probably saw a sweet beverage cooler for a nautical themed party. I, on the other hand, saw the perfect prop for Kelly and Scot's next family session at Willow Park

During photo sessions, I have learned that Toddlers find comfort in being held or contained. Whether he or she is held in their mother's arms or sitting in a crate, feeling secure definitely helps bring out the smiles. Austin, the littlest of the boys, truly enjoyed every moment in the boat. We got the best giggles from Austin while he was floating on land or in the water. Below are a couple of photos from our session. I even included a bonus behind-the-scenes photo for you to enjoy. 

A couple of safety notes, we had four adults supervising this whole process, as well as Austin's 4 year older brother. Additionally, I recommend pre-testing the vessel to make sure it can withstand the intended usage.   


Boating down the stream


A Little Water Never Hurt Anyone 

Aidan graduates from high school next May (2018) and he couldn't be happier! His intention is to join the Navy upon graduation which is certainly commendable! His parents decided they wanted to have his session at Messiah College. With the backdrop of a red covered bridge and a flowing creek, I couldn't think of a better place to commemorate Aidan's senior year.


We decided to begin our session on the bridge, walk along the trails, and possibly end our session in the water. Looking at the creek, I realized the only way to get the shot I envisioned was to actually get in the water with Aidan. As my one friend once said, "You have to suffer for your art!" 

The water was a touch chilly (READ: frigid) and the rocks were uncomfortably sharp, but I had a vision in mind and luckily Aidan was happy to oblige. As we waded out into the middle of the creek, I realized the water was a little swifter than it looked from the shore and the rocks were not only sharp, but also slippery. And yet, we managed to pull it off with Aidan looking relaxed and comfortable! Thanks for braving the chilly water with me, Aidan, so that we could get THE picture. Below is a behind the scenes photo, as well as the final version. I also included my favorite photo from his session. Enjoy! 

High School Senior Portraits | Messiah College





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