Event Photography

We all like to believe that we can be in two places at once. Wouldn't it be great if you could light the birthday candles, carry out the cake, sing happy birthday, get the perfect photograph of your child blowing out the candles, and still be in the moment? Having that added stress of being behind the lens versus being in the moment can mean missing out on a very special moment. Why not put the camera down and help blow out the candles instead of trying to capture it in a picture?


Why should you hire a photographer?

Hiring a photographer for your special occasion allows you to have more time: time to prep for the party, time to mingle with your guests, and most importantly time to enjoy yourself. After the party you won’t be worrying about finding time to process and upload the pictures. Instead while you're recuperating from your shindig, you'll either see your photographs arrive in your inbox and/or your mailbox. All you will have to do is share them with your friends and family!


What types of events will you photograph?

No event is too little or too far! From birthday parties to anniversary celebrations to bridal or baby showers, I would love to hear about them. Even though I am based in South Central Pennsylvania, I am always willing to travel! My camera has seen many miles and it can't wait to see more.


I'm interested! How do I reach you?

If you have a special event and you're interested in more information, please feel free to contact me via the website and we will start planning!