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Families Come in Different Sizes

Through photography I get to have my own little adventure. I get the opportunity to travel, hear new stories, and make new friends. While humans tend to be the most popular subjects of my photography, I have to admit I can't help but squeal when a client brings their furry family member along to their photo session! Nothing makes a photo session more fun than getting snarfed, licked, and kissed by a pupper! 

Dogs & Kiddos

Some may find it chaotic to have humans and dogs at a photo session, but I love the variety! Funny enough, dogs are very similar to kids during photo sessions. You have a small window of time to get the best photos. You need to have treats and snacks on hand to keep their attention and to keep the energy levels up. You need to have some squeaker toys to grab their attention. And lastly, you need to have oodles of patience to get the perfect shot! 

A Kiddo and his Puppers

Preparing for Your Session

Now that you've decided to bring along Fido, now what? How do you prepare for your session? Below are some tips to make your photo session with your dog more enjoyable for everyone. 

1.) Choose the 'Right" Location: Work with your photographer to find the best location for your pupper. If your furry family member is nervous around people, perhaps a busy park isn't a good environment to get the best photos. Be mindful of your dog's disposition and choose a place that best fits it! 

2.) Pack Your Bag: Be sure to pack all the necessary items to make your session comfortable for everyone. These items include dog treats, your dog's favorite squeaker toy, bottles of water, and a drinking bowl. 

3.) Exercise, Exercise, Exercise: As Cesar Millan would say, "A tired dog is a happy dog." Before heading to your session, make sure to take your dog on a walk/run or play fetch to make sure your dog is happily tired. 

4.) Photo List: Create a list of photos that you'd love to get of your dog and be sure to share it with your photographer prior to your session. Sharing it beforehand will allow your photographer to prepare.

5.) Set Your Expectations: While we all have our dream list of photos, sometimes you need to let that go! If your dog is having a camera shy day, don't force him or her to do a specific pose. 

6.) Have Fun: Last of all, have fun! Embrace the unexpected and be in the moment. If your pup decides to have a mind of his or her own, then just go with the flow and make the most of it! 


Photo sessions with your furry family members needn't be stressful! With a bit of preparation and taking care to set your expectations will help make your photo sessions with your dog more enjoyable. Did you have a question I didn't answer? Reach out to me and let's chat! 



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