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Mother-to-Be + Mother Nature

When planning a photo session, one of the first steps is finding the perfect location! Many factors go into selecting the location, but the most important one for me is can I visualize the family/couple here? For Dan and Leslie, the location decision was a cinch! With a woodland themed baby shower, I had envisioned a photo session outdoors at her Alma Mater - Messiah College. Not only did the college provide a beautiful bucolic backdrop, it also created a sentimental atmosphere, which made the mother-to-be glow even more. Leslie and Dan couldn't agree more!  Maternity Pose at Messiah College Mom and Dad To Be!

Covered Bridge and a Creek 

One of the most beautiful features of Messiah College is their red covered bridge that connects the campus to the sports field. You can't ask for a better background with the red and green hues. Another feature that is very popular is the Yellow Breeches Creek. We had plenty of college graduates, locals, kayakers, and Prom attendees stop by the creek for pictures! As I surveyed the creek, I kept visualizing a photograph of Leslie wading through the water with the covered bridge as a backdrop. With the temperatures in the mid-80's, I had a good feeling that was going to happen (Spoiler Alert: It did!)! 

Keeping It Natural

As we began our photo session, Leslie confessed that she didn't enjoy getting her picture taken. After photographing many families, children, and particularly women, I have found this to be very common. To make our camera shy mother-to-be feel more comfortable in front of the camera, I encouraged her to talk to Dan, relax, and have a good time. Taking the pressure away made it very easy to capture beautiful photographs of Leslie and Dan. We were even able to incorporate some of their treasured belongings, like the sonogram of their baby. We ended our session wading through the rocky creek and these are some of my new favorites of all time! 

I am honored that Leslie and Dan had me take their first set of photographs since their wedding day - 8 1/2 years ago! I enjoyed their adventurous spirit and I can't wait to meet the little one who is expected to arrive this summer! Congratulations to Leslie and Dan!  Maternity pose with husband Yenma K. PhotographyBaby Makes Three Couple Pose on a Walking Bridge Messiah CollegeBeautiful Couple Maternity Couple Pose Messiah College, PABaby Bump Sonogram Maternity Pose Yenma K. PhotographyIt's a Baby-Gram! Wading in The Creek Maternity Pose Yenma K. PhotographyA Beauty and the Creek Water Maternity Portrait Messiah CollegeWaiting for Baby Maternity Session Pose Messiah College, PAHat Adorned Beauty





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