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Newborn + Toddler = Fun Portrait Session

Claudia and Mike welcomed their newest addition, Russell, to the family in late June. This little boy is already cherished and adored by his family, even by his older brother Mikey. So adored by his older brother, Mikey was even prepared to welcome his younger brother with kisses. Having watched Mikey grow up, I was absolutely honored to be asked to take Russell's first portraits!

Russell was the perfect subject. Ever the curious little boy, Russell kept his eyes open during most of the photo session. I guess he wanted to see what all the flashing lights were all about! One of the best tricks I can recommend for newborn photo sessions is to bring a space heater or a heating pad. Russell was happy as a clam resting in his little basket as I captured all the sweet moments. 

While Russell was ready for his closeup, Mikey (who just turned two) was not interested in the camera whatsoever! He was enjoying running laps around the house, sneaking into the cupboard for some Nutella, and playing with his Nana. Fortunately we were able to get him to sit still for a few moments and get a few family portraits!

Welcome to Claudia, Mike, Mikey, and Russell's photo session! 

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