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Spring Giveaway Family Portrait Session

       Who doesn't love a giveaway, especially a mini-portrait session? I couldn't have asked for a cuter or happier family for my Spring Giveaway than Jessica and Jaime's family. Jessica came up with a great setting for our portrait session - a creek in Goldsboro, Pennsylvania. The kiddos were already familiar with the location which was great since that meant they were comfortable and ready for pictures! By the time I arrived, they were already hurling rocks into the creek! I knew this was going to be a fun session.    

Family portrait with the 4 children standing in the front and the 2 parents standing in the back. A Fun Family of 6

         When you have four children and a finite time limit, it's always best to have a photo shoot list in mind. I had mapped out a photo list ahead of time that had a variety of combinations of children, parents, and children with parents. Even though the thirty minutes breezed by very quickly, I managed to get every photograph I had intended.     

An 11 year old with her 12 year old sister. Sisterly Love A 4 year old hugging his 6 year old brother in a portraitBrotherly Love











Another thing to keep in mind is little boys in this age range (4-6 years old) tend to have an extremely short attention span. In order to keep everyone happy, try to get the photographs with the littlest ones in first and then focus on the older family members. This photograph was taken towards the end of the photo session. I lucked out that they would still pose for me! Next time, I'll be sure to photograph the younger ones first!     


A beautiful mother with her daughters portrait. Mom and Daughters A portrait of a father with his 6 year old and 4 year old son at a creek. A father and his sons

Mother and Daughter portrait by a creek. A Mother's Love A portrait of a married couple standing by a creek. Beautiful Marriage    

Thank you very much to Jessica and Jamie for signing up for my giveaway! I had a great deal of fun. We couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day to capture your happily ever after! Stay tuned for the next giveaway. I look forward to meeting a new family and capturing your story. 

Family portrait by the creek displaying a "Our Happily Ever After" sign Our Happily Ever After A spring family portrait of 6 members by a creek. A Family of 6





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