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May 19, 2014  •  2 Comments

How much is too much Zumba?

    One of the perks of photography is the awesome people I get to meet along the way! What's great is that I can meet a potential client just about anywhere. For me being a photographer means I need to keep in tip-top shape. (Where is this going? I know you're wondering. I promise I have a point!) If I were to count how many squats or lunges I do in one photo session, I would probably surprise a lot of people - including myself! To help keep up with my fitness and to keep my mind from getting bored, I hopped on the Zumba train. And I have loved every minute of it!

    Through these classes I have met such wonderful people including Adrienne Thoman, a local South Central PA Zumba instructor. Adrienne has so much energy I bet she could outlast the Energizer bunny! Not only is she a firecracker during Zumba class, she carries that inspiration outside of class by supporting a number of charitable causes. How in the world does she balance a full-time job, Zumba classes, and all of her charitable causes? She is certainly someone to look up to!

    When Adrienne had mentioned she was hosting a Zumbathon for ALS. My first thought was - what the heck is a Zumbathon? For those of you who don't know, it's a two hour marathon of Zumba taught by a variety of instructors. Yikes! When I learned that Adrienne was holding this Zumbathon to raise money for a family member who lost his battle with ALS, I couldn't help but donate to her cause.  

    With everything I do I try to come up with a lesson or a takeaway. I learned that the community of Zumba instructors are tightly knit and very supportive. If you entered the Zumbathon in a bad mood, you were not leaving in a bad mood, but you were definitely leaving sweaty! We ended up raising $400 towards #TeamPerry that evening. It was worth all the sweat and sore muscles! So how much is too much Zumba? I can't say there will ever be too much. Here are some photographs from this fun event! 


Group picture before the Zumbathon began at Progress Fitness. Zumbathon for ALS 2014 Two Zumba Instructors standing back to back in the studio. Zumba Instructors - Kim and Pam 2 Zumba Instructors standing back to back in front of the studio mirrors. Two Zumba Instructors

During a break the Zumba instructors and participants posed. Zumba Instructors and Participants The ladies of Zumba dancing to the beat. Swing Your Hips! Zumba Instructors showing off their #TeamPerry tshirts. Zumba Instructors Supporting #TeamPerry Zumba instructors standing with their arms around each other Zumbathon Instructors


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I haven't had the chance to show Liza yet! I'll have to make sure I show it to her the next time I'm in!
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I love these!!! If you haven't already, you HAVE to show Liza the picture of her!
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