Turning One: Tutus and a Cupcake

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Turning One: Tutus & a Cupcake

     Why do I love one year old portraits you ask? I love sweets, specifically cake. I mean who doesn't love cake?? And, I also love surprises. With one year olds, you never know what you're going to get. It's a surprise each and every time! Cora, the a-Cora-ble (how cute is that!), is celebrating her one year milestone this month. She's a pint-sized package with a big personality and that meant a a fun-filled photo session was ahead! 

     What I enjoy most about these portrait sessions is the creative ideas that parents have for the sessions. I love coming up with ideas, but sessions are more fun when the parents are equally involved. The first question I always ask parents when they are interested in booking sessions is what ideas do you have? The collaboration turns a good photo session into a fantastic one!

     Cora's mom decided to go with a tutu themed photo session and I was thrilled to see all the girly details! Check out the photos from our session below! Welcome and enjoy! 


Pigtailed girl celebrating turning one wearing mommy's heels and blue sparkly tutu. All Grown Up at One Year Old


How about some cake?? The best part about one year old portraits is the part where we all get messy and smash cakes! 

Pigtailed girl celebrates turning one by smashing a cupcake with her small hands. Cupcake Smash in a Pink Tutu Celebrating turning one with a cupcake, balloons, and a pink tutu. My Dainty Cupcake Covered Hands











Time for some family portraits. Cora knows she's the star! 

Adorable pigtailed girl in a blue tutu stealing the limelight in the family portrait.Adorable One Year Stealing the Spotlight This is a family that knows how to have fun together.

Casual family portrait taken on the parents bed. Beautiful family portrait.



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