Easter Eggs, Bunnies, and Horses - Oh my!

April 15, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Easter Eggs, Bunnies, and Horses - Oh my! 

     The best part of being an on location photographer is I never know where I'll be next! One day I'm touring a mansion converted into an office space, the next day I'm meeting the owner of a local coffee shop, and then the next day I'm photographing a 3 year old. They say variety is the spice of life. For me it's the element of surprise and the variety that makes photography so enjoyable.

     This past weekend I was honored to take photographs of Norah and her beautiful family. Having met this charming cherub when she was a tiny little newborn, it was awesome to see how much she's grown over these past 6 months. What a cutie!! Not only did I get to spend time with Tiffany, Rob, and Miss Norah, but I also got to see some beautiful horses. 

    Tiffany did a wonderful job in selecting a location for our photo session. If you've never heard of Carousel Park and Equestrian Farm (located in Wilmington, Delaware), look it up! It's every little girl's dream.....okay maybe it's my dream! As we turned into the park I couldn't help but squeal with delight at seeing all the white fences and galloping horses. I knew instantly the park would be the perfect backdrop for our Easter themed portrait session. Tiffany even mentioned that she could see the creative wheels in my head turning!! We couldn't have asked for a better location or better weather. Many thanks to Tiffany and Rob! I enjoyed every minute. 

     Welcome to our Easter themed family portrait session! 











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