Family Portraits | . . .And Baby Makes Four!

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. . .And Baby Makes Four! 

     As an on location photographer I am used to traveling many miles for photo sessions. I really do enjoy the element of surprise by going to new locations and meeting new people! However, I also enjoy when the location is right here in South Central Pennsylvania. I am truly honored that Danielle and Bill, who were in town from Nevada visiting family, requested a family photo session with me! With their short window of availability and my packed schedule, it should have been harder to schedule a time. I guess it was meant to be!

Outdoor family portrait with a one year old girl Family of 3


Since Danielle and Bill live in Nevada, the time difference was a substantial factor in scheduling this photo session. For me it's all about working around the kiddos' schedules. A happy baby equals happy parents. Happy parents + happy baby = happy photographer. We originally had planned for an afternoon schedule, but Ellie had other plans in mind. Instead we moved it to late morning which turned out to be an auspicious decision in the end. Not only were we contending with a jet lagged one and half year old, we were also contending with mother nature who had plans of her own. 


Portrait of a One year old, Ellie, in her red wagon.Ellie and her Red Wagon       

Maternity photo with alphabet blocks spelling out girl

      All in all we had a wonderful photo session celebrating the impending arrival of their newest addition and Ellie's promotion to big sister! I couldn't have asked for a more gracious and lovely mother-to-be. Danielle was very patient and more importantly she was game to try anything! By looking at her you wouldn't guess that she was almost seven months along. 


     Despite the constantly changing light due to mother nature's forecast for rain and the potential crankiness of a sleepy one year old, I had a fun time with this beautiful family. I always try to learn something from each of my photo sessions. The lesson that I learned from this photo session is: nap time is essential! Even though my photographic eye is telling me to schedule around golden hour, it's best to work around a child's nap time. 


     Many thanks to Danielle, Bill, and Ellie for sharing this moment in their lives! Enjoy the rest of the photos with Danielle, Bill, and Ellie. Welcome to our outdoor family session at Messiah College! 


Father and daughter portrait at Messiah CollegeFather and daughter portrait

Husband and Pregnant Wife Portrait on a suspended bridgeMaternity portrait

Father holding laughing daughter in the air.Father and Daughter Playtime

Ellie is going to be a big sister in July! Ellie's Promotion to Big Sister Family of Three posing by the creek.Family of Three by the Yellow Breeches Creek

Maternity Portrait with Alphabet blocks that spell out girlMaternity Portrait

Mom and Dad are pulling a little red wagon with their daughter.Baby in a Wagon


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