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Celebrating a Life Milestone

My life has truly become fuller and richer as a photographer. I get to make new friends while witnessing significant moments of their lives. How amazing is that? This weekend marked a special time in Eva and Chris' lives: celebrating the baptism of their first child. With unseasonably warm weather and surrounded by friends and family, this day couldn't be anything but perfect.

Held at Chris' childhood church, St. Luke's Episcopal Church, in Mount Joy, the 19th century building provided a beautiful backdrop for the festivities. After the intimate, touching ceremony, we took time to take family portraits to commemorate this auspicious day and to remember all of the loved ones who supported Eva and Chris' little boy. After the ceremony and portraits, we were on our way to the Susquehanna river to begin a new tradition - launching paper lanterns into the sky. 

Baptism Special Event PhotographyAn Autumn Baptism Baptism at St Luke's Episcopal Church in Mount JoySt Luke's Episcopal Church

Baptismal Font at St. Luke's Episcopal Church in Mount Joy, PAThe Baptismal Font Baptism of a baby boy at St. Luke's Episcopal ChurchBaby Baptism Friends and Family attending a BaptismFriends and Family Portrait Portrait of BaptismBaptism Portrait Baptismal Shoes Cradled in Family HandsTiny Feet

Creating a New Tradition

To celebrate this day, Eva and Chris decided to do something special for their baby boy. Launching paper lanterns over the Susquehanna was their wonderful idea! We found a spot by the water at Chickie's Rock County Park in Marietta. Each family member grabbed a big blue lantern and began to light the papers to begin filing them with hot air. Unfortunately the wind decided to pick up which made the task incredibly difficult. After a few failed attempts, we finally saw success! It was certainly a triumphant moment for all.  Launching Paper Lanterns over the Susquehanna RiverPaper Lanterns by the Susquehanna River Special Event of Launching Paper lanternsLaunching Paper Lanterns Paper Lantern Glides over the Susquehanna RiverSuccess! Father and Son Baptism PortraitFather and Son


A Toast and Breaking Bread with Family and Friends

It wouldn't be a celebration without a delicious meal! Eva and Chris opened up their home to all their family and friends to continue the celebrations. The many heartfelt toasts by grandparents, god parents, and even parents demonstrated how much this little boy is loved and cherished. To end the event, Eva and Chris launched a couple more lanterns together. As the lanterns soared through the sky and joined in the same flight path together, I knew I was witnessing something extra special. This was the start of a brand new tradition for this family and I was there to witness it. Congratulations to Eva and Chris' family and thank you for having me be a part of this special day in your lives. 

Baptism Cake for ChristianBaptism Cake Baptismal ToastA Toast! Celebrations with Paper LanternsPaper Lanterns Paper Lanterns in the Air Lanterns in the Air



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