The More the Merrier!

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The More the Merrier!

     Two words: Family portraits - I can see the eye rolling and whining begin. "How long do I have to stand here?" "When will it be my turn?" "Do I have to smile?" "Are we done yet?" With a mix of personalities, varying levels of patience, and the different combinations of group posing, it's easy to see how family portrait sessions can get out of hand. All of this can be resolved if you go into these portrait sessions with a positive, fun attitude and a game plan. For this family portrait, I had 16 family members. That's right - 16! I was very fortunate that Roy, the brother-in-law, had graciously put together a list of requested photos. This helped us zip through the different combinations of posing family members. I want to thank the Nissly family for having me take pictures during this special time and most importantly for being so patient and laughing with me throughout the session. I couldn't have asked for a better group! Welcome to our session. 

The Nissly family

The centerpieces of the family are Vi and Curt who are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary this year! What a treat that their children and their families were able to celebrate with them.


Here are the children of Curt and VI! They were a very lovely group of people. Christian Life Assembly Church provided a great background for our photo sessions. However the lighting proved to be pretty difficult. We either had low tungsten lighting or we had no lighting whatsoever. Learning to work with the existing light was a fun challenge. I took most of the photos with a 35mm prime lens.  

  More family portraits. 


















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