Rocking Chair, Teddy Bears, and Puffs

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Rocking Chair, Teddy Bears, and Puffs

     What does it take to keep a one year old happy during a photo session? For Reagan, it's her dad's childhood rocking chair, her mom's teddy bears, and a handful of puff snacks. What makes a one year old grumpy? Keeping them confined to one spot for too long!

     Photographing children certainly has its challenges. How do I get them to look at the camera? How do I get them to smile pretty? How do I get them to sit still? Throughout all these sessions I have learned you have to throw the expectations out the window. Certainly I would love to get that huge smile, but sometimes the child just doesn't feel like smiling and it's okay!  Going with the flow and letting the photography organically develop is what works best for me. Patience is absolutely key. 

     I had taken Reagan's eight month photos just months prior. What a difference five months make! During her eight month photo shoot, Reagan sat prettily and smiled hugely for her parents. Now at over one year old, she was ready to run around and get into everything. Sit still for five minutes? Forget it! For this photo session, I chased after Reagan and patiently waited for the perfect shots. We did eventually get that elusive smile and Reagan got a belly full of puffs. I think we both won in the end. Here are the photos from her session! Thanks so much to Rita and Mike for having me taking pictures of their beautiful granddaughter.



"Stair Climber"


"I love Puffs!" 


"A CoverGirl Moment"




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