Yenma K. Photography: Blog en-us (C) Yenma K. Photography (Yenma K. Photography) Mon, 04 Jun 2018 14:31:00 GMT Mon, 04 Jun 2018 14:31:00 GMT Yenma K. Photography: Blog 76 120 The More, the Merrier | Extended Family Photo Sessions If you can't tell already, I love meeting people! The best part is hearing new stories and turning strangers into friends. As you read through my blogs, you'll notice that I try to find the joy in every photo session! Nothing brings me more joy than getting the opportunity to photograph large groups of people, like extended families. When it comes to photo sessions, I say, the more, the merrier!

Who's Who? 

As you can imagine, getting ready for your photo session with your extended family is a bit more complicated - for your family and for your photographer. For you, decisions may involve finding and agreeing on a date, coordinating the perfect outfit colors, figuring out the style of photos you'd like, etc. For photographers like me, it's doing a bit a of homework and discovering who will be at the session and quickly understanding the different personalities and dynamics.

One of the most important things you can do to help out your photographer is provide a list of who will be attending your session.  Make sure to identify the VIPs and be thoughtful of the combination of family members you'd like for your photos. For example: Grandparents and grandchildren, all the children, all the siblings, all the women, all the men, etc. Having a list will not only keep your photographer on track, but will also help give a framework for your family members to follow. 

Keep it Light and Fun! 

When you have so many people involved, it's easy to get stressed out and focus on the imperfections. With so many different personalities and temperaments, you're bound to have some meltdowns and some unhappy family member. Being flexible and adaptable is key! If you should have an unhappy camper, switch gears and photograph other family members until your little ones (or big ones) are ready for their close ups. Keeping it light and fun without any pressure is the key to getting everyone comfortable enough for the smiles to shine through.

Come Prepared

Besides providing a who's who list to your photographer, what else can you do to be prepared for your family session with your extended family? Similar to your regular family sessions, you'll want to make sure you bring some snacks and treats for the kiddos. Smiling is a lot of work! If your kids have a favorite toy, don't hesitate to bring it along. It could provide comfort throughout the photo session. Remember there could be downtime between photos. Bring activities that could entertain your kiddos during these times. Lastly, don't forget to bring keepsakes or additional props that you would like to use. 

At the end of the day, it's all about capturing that very moment in time. Embrace the craziness, remember the laughs, and enjoy every minute! 


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Puppers and Doggos | Family Photography Families Come in Different Sizes

Through photography I get to have my own little adventure. I get the opportunity to travel, hear new stories, and make new friends. While humans tend to be the most popular subjects of my photography, I have to admit I can't help but squeal when a client brings their furry family member along to their photo session! Nothing makes a photo session more fun than getting snarfed, licked, and kissed by a pupper! 

Dogs & Kiddos

Some may find it chaotic to have humans and dogs at a photo session, but I love the variety! Funny enough, dogs are very similar to kids during photo sessions. You have a small window of time to get the best photos. You need to have treats and snacks on hand to keep their attention and to keep the energy levels up. You need to have some squeaker toys to grab their attention. And lastly, you need to have oodles of patience to get the perfect shot! 

A Kiddo and his Puppers

Preparing for Your Session

Now that you've decided to bring along Fido, now what? How do you prepare for your session? Below are some tips to make your photo session with your dog more enjoyable for everyone. 

1.) Choose the 'Right" Location: Work with your photographer to find the best location for your pupper. If your furry family member is nervous around people, perhaps a busy park isn't a good environment to get the best photos. Be mindful of your dog's disposition and choose a place that best fits it! 

2.) Pack Your Bag: Be sure to pack all the necessary items to make your session comfortable for everyone. These items include dog treats, your dog's favorite squeaker toy, bottles of water, and a drinking bowl. 

3.) Exercise, Exercise, Exercise: As Cesar Millan would say, "A tired dog is a happy dog." Before heading to your session, make sure to take your dog on a walk/run or play fetch to make sure your dog is happily tired. 

4.) Photo List: Create a list of photos that you'd love to get of your dog and be sure to share it with your photographer prior to your session. Sharing it beforehand will allow your photographer to prepare.

5.) Set Your Expectations: While we all have our dream list of photos, sometimes you need to let that go! If your dog is having a camera shy day, don't force him or her to do a specific pose. 

6.) Have Fun: Last of all, have fun! Embrace the unexpected and be in the moment. If your pup decides to have a mind of his or her own, then just go with the flow and make the most of it! 


Photo sessions with your furry family members needn't be stressful! With a bit of preparation and taking care to set your expectations will help make your photo sessions with your dog more enjoyable. Did you have a question I didn't answer? Reach out to me and let's chat! 


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Creative Portraits | Finding Fresh Ideas Looking at the date of my last blog post, I can't believe it's been two years since I last wrote something! My apologies for being negligent about updating my blog! Time sure does fly by when you're booked with photo sessions, family obligations, and got married!  

Over these past two years, I've met a number of wonderful families, expectant moms, adorable newborns, fun happy hour goers, and fluffy puppers. In-between the busy times, I continued to hone in on my craft by learning more about off camera flash which has been a tough, but enjoyable journey.

But, with such a full schedule, you may wonder is she still enjoying photography? The short answer is... Absolutely! Some weeks are harder than others, but if you can find the humor in every situation and laugh as often as you can, it helps to make the busy times enjoyable. Not to mention, meeting new people and hearing their stories is energizing and helps with getting the creative juices going. Over these past years I worked on keeping my photo sessions invigorating and new. This meant finding new locations and getting my toes wet, literally. I also realized the only thing that kept me from creating fresh ideas was myself. See below for a couple of examples of how I was able to keep my sessions fun and fresh. 

Have Boat. Will Float. 

Kelly and Scot love to get family portraits every year. While the time of year of our photo session changes, there is one thing that always happens - an increase in my creativity. If you are veteran of photo sessions, you're familiar with the poses, the props, the combinations of the family members, etc. Because these family sessions can become routine, they have the potential to become stale. So, how do you keep sessions with veterans like this fresh? I've discovered that it takes a special location, as well as a stroll down the aisle at Home Goods. 

My husband and family laugh at me whenever I tell them I'm heading over to Home Goods. My original intentions is always to find something to furnish our home, but somehow I always end up leaving the store with a prop, blanket, or something of that nature! My latest trip to Home Goods didn't disappoint. On one of the end caps, I noticed a little boating vessel. For most shoppers they probably saw a sweet beverage cooler for a nautical themed party. I, on the other hand, saw the perfect prop for Kelly and Scot's next family session at Willow Park

During photo sessions, I have learned that Toddlers find comfort in being held or contained. Whether he or she is held in their mother's arms or sitting in a crate, feeling secure definitely helps bring out the smiles. Austin, the littlest of the boys, truly enjoyed every moment in the boat. We got the best giggles from Austin while he was floating on land or in the water. Below are a couple of photos from our session. I even included a bonus behind-the-scenes photo for you to enjoy. 

A couple of safety notes, we had four adults supervising this whole process, as well as Austin's 4 year older brother. Additionally, I recommend pre-testing the vessel to make sure it can withstand the intended usage.   


Boating down the stream


A Little Water Never Hurt Anyone 

Aidan graduates from high school next May (2018) and he couldn't be happier! His intention is to join the Navy upon graduation which is certainly commendable! His parents decided they wanted to have his session at Messiah College. With the backdrop of a red covered bridge and a flowing creek, I couldn't think of a better place to commemorate Aidan's senior year.


We decided to begin our session on the bridge, walk along the trails, and possibly end our session in the water. Looking at the creek, I realized the only way to get the shot I envisioned was to actually get in the water with Aidan. As my one friend once said, "You have to suffer for your art!" 

The water was a touch chilly (READ: frigid) and the rocks were uncomfortably sharp, but I had a vision in mind and luckily Aidan was happy to oblige. As we waded out into the middle of the creek, I realized the water was a little swifter than it looked from the shore and the rocks were not only sharp, but also slippery. And yet, we managed to pull it off with Aidan looking relaxed and comfortable! Thanks for braving the chilly water with me, Aidan, so that we could get THE picture. Below is a behind the scenes photo, as well as the final version. I also included my favorite photo from his session. Enjoy! 

High School Senior Portraits | Messiah College





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Senior Portraits | Flowers, Smiles & a Puggle Senior Portraits Among Flowers

Senior year of high school, what an exhilarating chapter of our young adult lives! I remember being overwhelmed at the thought of SAT exams, college applications, and honors classes. And yet. . .I was also excited about the prospect of the future! What could be more exciting than to finish a large chapter of your life and begin a new one with a complete blank slate?? This past weekend I photographed a young lady who is now entering her last year of high school and is looking forward to writing the next chapter of her story! Meet Jenna!  Outdoor Girl Senior Portrait Middletown High SchoolSenior Portraits | Yenma K. Photography

Easy going and sweet natured, working with Jenna was incredibly fun and easy! She only a couple of stipulations: 1.) she wanted flowers 2.) she wanted portraits with her dog. After giving Jenna a few suggestions, she and her family explored the various options and eventually fell in love with formal gardens in Middletown, PA. The lush green lawn, reflecting pool, pergolas, and fountains provided the perfect setting for our session. And also, Hannah, the beloved fur family member, was welcome to join the fun! 

Jenna is your typical senior who is involved in a variety of school activities like marching band and tennis. Not only did I want to capture her fun-spirited personality in the portraits, but I also wanted to make sure we showcased as many of her interests as we could. With the late afternoon sun shining on us and the heat of the summer day subsiding for a while, we were able to capture some beautiful portraits that I absolutely love! Thanks to Jenna and her mom Lorie for choosing me for this important milestone in Jenna's life. Savor every moment of your senior year, Jenna! It's going to go by fast! Welcome to Jenna's senior outdoor portraits session!  Girls Outdoor Senior Portrait Pose Middletown, PAA Flower Among Flowers Outdoor Senior Portrait Pose in a GardenBeautiful Senior Girl Senior Portrait with Puppy Middletown, PAPuggle and Giggle Girl Senior Portrait Outdoor Middletown PAOutdoor Senior Portrait | Yenma K. Photography Senior Portrait Pose with Flute Middletown, PAMusic in the Garden Outdoor Garden Senior PortraitSenior Portraits in a Garden Formal Senior Portrait Middletown, PAFormal Senior Portrait



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A Summer Baby | Newborn Photography Welcome Baby Austin! 

June is the month of weddings. For me, it's the month of babies and I couldn't be happier! I finally have a summer baby to photograph which means we can take pictures outside! Kelly, Scot, and Colton recently welcomed the newest addition to their adorable family. With dark hair, dark eyes, tiny fingers and toes, he is handsome little guy and a future charmer! 

Outdoor Newborn Photo Session Harrisburg, PAOutdoor Baby Session

Perfect Weather

One of the best parts of photographing Kelly and her family is all of her creative ideas! I love coming up with creative photos, but I also enjoy collaborating with families as well. The one thing that Kelly loves is her props! For this photo session we were on the hunt for a round basket, the perfect tree stump, a pretty basket, and an authentic crate. We had success all around! 

Even though the weather started off a little cloudy and cool, by the time we were ready for outdoor photos, the sun popped out a little and we were ready for some close ups! In addition to the props, body positioners (read: bean bags), blankets, lenses and camera, I also brought the most essential item - the space heater. Babies love to stay warm and this space heater made it the perfect temperature to keep the baby comfortable and sleepy.  Newborn pose with FatherFather's Hands Newborn Foot Yenma K. PhotographyTiny foot

Patience, Patience, Patience

Working with children certainly has its moments. The key to remember throughout the entire photo session is to be patient and adapt. Newborns are certainly easier to photograph, but they too have minds of their own. At one point I tried to position the baby on his belly, but he really wanted to be on his side. All you can do is go with the flow and most times you'll get that beautiful photo. 

Thanks to Kelly, Scot, and Colton for having me take pictures of your growing family! It's moments like these that make me love photography more and more. Interested in learning more? Check out more information about my family sessions here.

Welcome to our session!  Older Brother and Newborn Pose Yenma K. PhotographyBaby and Brother Family of Four Pose Yenma K. PhotographyFamily of Four Mom with her newborn Yenma K. PhotographyGlowing Mom Newborn and Father Pose Yenma K. PhotographyA Father's Love Newborn Portrait with Family Yenma K. PhotographyFamily Love





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Being a special events photographer means being in the middle of celebrations and people having a fun time! This past week the I had the privilege of spending happy hour aboard the Pride of Susquehanna with my beer loving boyfriend and a bunch of strangers (who I can now call friends!). This sold out annual event was put together by Sara Bozich, who is a freelance writer for a variety of publications including the Patriot News. From sushi dinners to happy hours, Sara is great at putting on fun parties! 2015 Booze Cruise on the Pride of SusquehannaPride of Susquehanna

Pre-Party on the Deck

Before we began our 2-hour cruise aboard the Pride, the event started with an hour long pre-party on the Overlook deck. Booze cruisers did not enter the party empty handed though! Every reveler was greeted with a swag bag full of fun things - sunglasses, cookies, a Wegman's snack bar, pretzels, coupons to local restaurants like Mezza Cafe, a bottle of water provided by Arooga's, and so much more. With adult beverages provided by The Vineyard at Hershey, Keystone State Wine & Spirits, and Victory, there was something for every palate. While party goers noshed on snacks provided by Arooga's and chocolate samples by Macris Chocolates, Pepka surprised and wowed the crowd with his masterful skills at sleight of hand. 2015 Booze Booze Cruise Swag Bags Variety of Beverages at the Booze CruiseKeystone State Wine & Spirits Summer Love by Victory BeerSummer Love - Victory Beer The Vineyard of Hershey at the Booze CruiseMerlot Mike Arooga's at the Booze CruiseArooga's Snacks Macris Chocolates at the Booze CruiseMacris Chocolates

All Aboard!!

After eating and drinking to our heart's desires, we boarded the Pride ready to continue the celebrations! As we boarded our vessel, we were greeted with leis from Sara and the island-y tunes provided by DJ Geoffro. This really set the tone for the rest of the night. For the next 2 hours we cruised up and down the Susquehanna River enjoying the sights and sounds of the river. Even though it was a little cool on the river, that didn't seem to bother any of my fellow cruisers. If you're ever wondering if this is a fun event, check out the pictures from the event and even better yet, come out and join us on the next one!

Thanks to Sara Bozich for putting this together and I'm looking forward to the next one! Welcome to our cruise! Sara Bozich 2015 Booze CruiseThe host! DJ Geoffro on Booze Cruise 2015DJ Geoffro Paddles of the Pride of SusquehannaPaddles 2015 Booze Cruise on the Pride of SusquehannaAboard the Pride of Susquehanna 2015 Booze Cruise Party GoersParty Goers! 2015 Booze Cruise on the Pride of SusquehannaHappy Hour Revelers Pepka the Master of Sleight of HandPepka


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Mother-to-Be + Mother Nature | Portrait Photography Mother-to-Be + Mother Nature

When planning a photo session, one of the first steps is finding the perfect location! Many factors go into selecting the location, but the most important one for me is can I visualize the family/couple here? For Dan and Leslie, the location decision was a cinch! With a woodland themed baby shower, I had envisioned a photo session outdoors at her Alma Mater - Messiah College. Not only did the college provide a beautiful bucolic backdrop, it also created a sentimental atmosphere, which made the mother-to-be glow even more. Leslie and Dan couldn't agree more!  Maternity Pose at Messiah College Mom and Dad To Be!

Covered Bridge and a Creek 

One of the most beautiful features of Messiah College is their red covered bridge that connects the campus to the sports field. You can't ask for a better background with the red and green hues. Another feature that is very popular is the Yellow Breeches Creek. We had plenty of college graduates, locals, kayakers, and Prom attendees stop by the creek for pictures! As I surveyed the creek, I kept visualizing a photograph of Leslie wading through the water with the covered bridge as a backdrop. With the temperatures in the mid-80's, I had a good feeling that was going to happen (Spoiler Alert: It did!)! 

Keeping It Natural

As we began our photo session, Leslie confessed that she didn't enjoy getting her picture taken. After photographing many families, children, and particularly women, I have found this to be very common. To make our camera shy mother-to-be feel more comfortable in front of the camera, I encouraged her to talk to Dan, relax, and have a good time. Taking the pressure away made it very easy to capture beautiful photographs of Leslie and Dan. We were even able to incorporate some of their treasured belongings, like the sonogram of their baby. We ended our session wading through the rocky creek and these are some of my new favorites of all time! 

I am honored that Leslie and Dan had me take their first set of photographs since their wedding day - 8 1/2 years ago! I enjoyed their adventurous spirit and I can't wait to meet the little one who is expected to arrive this summer! Congratulations to Leslie and Dan!  Maternity pose with husband Yenma K. PhotographyBaby Makes Three Couple Pose on a Walking Bridge Messiah CollegeBeautiful Couple Maternity Couple Pose Messiah College, PABaby Bump Sonogram Maternity Pose Yenma K. PhotographyIt's a Baby-Gram! Wading in The Creek Maternity Pose Yenma K. PhotographyA Beauty and the Creek Water Maternity Portrait Messiah CollegeWaiting for Baby Maternity Session Pose Messiah College, PAHat Adorned Beauty




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The Power Walk for Dress for Success 2015 | Special Event Photography The Power Walk for Dress for Success 2015 

Volunteering through my photography is such a rewarding opportunity. I've been asked to photograph all kinds of fundraisers, but my favorite events are the walks/runs. I, personally, am not a runner, but I enjoy being around the camaraderie of these fun-loving, supportive people! This past weekend I was asked to volunteer my photography services to the annual event, "The Power Walk for Dress for Success" which benefits the South Central, PA chapter of Dress for Success. South Centrla, PA Dress for Success Power Walk 2015Dress For Success Power Walk

A Family Event 

Held at Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center, this annual event is family AND pet friendly! How fun is that? The planning committee really outdid themselves this year by providing music, raffles, Zumba, yoga, face painting, balloon animals, healthy food, and health tent! They even secured a climbing wall through the National Guard! Even furry family members had their own tent which provided water to make sure our furry friends stayed hydrated throughout the event. To add to the fun, we had a few costumed characters join the party, including the Hershey Bar, Coco The Bear, Reese's Peanut Butter Cup, and the Penn State Nittany Lion! Nothing says fun like watching all the Hershey characters Zumba.

The Winners are . . .

The race began at 10:00am with the walk following quickly behind. The male overall winner crossed the finish line at a little over 18 minutes (That was fast!). As all the participants crossed the finished line, the festivities continued in the main area. The food tent switched over to serving sandwiches and ice cream, which was perfect on this beautiful, muggy day. While the times were being sorted, race participants and festival revelers continued to partake in face painting, massages provided by KTI and getting their nails painted at the Empire Beauty school tables. 

Many people walked away as winners from the event! Valerie Pritchett, The Master of Ceremonies, announced all of the winners for the race, as well as the raffle and door prizes. The biggest winner of all was the South Central PA branch of Dress for Success! This event raised around $18,000, which is doubled the amount from last year! Congratulations to all the race winners, and also the planning committee who put together this successful, fun event! I hope to see you all again next year! Until then, check out all the photos from the event here

South Central, PA Dress for Success Board Members, Spokes Person, and ChairDress for Success South Central, PA Hershey Characters attend Dress For Success Power Walk in South Central, PA 2015The Sweet Life! Food Tent at the Power Walk for Dress for Success, South Central, PA 2015Got Breakfast? Ballon Animals at the Power Walk for Dress for Success South Central, PA 2015Balloon Lady Pet Palooza at Dress for Success Power Walk 2015PetaPalooza Tent Climbing Wall by the National Guard South Central, PA Dress for SuccessClimbing the Walls Power Walk Dress for Success 2015 Face Painting For KidsFace Painting The Starting Line for Dress for Success Power Walk, Central, PA 2015Dress for Success Starting Line Finish Line at the Dress for Success Power Walk South Central PA 2015Finish Line - First Runner! Winners of the Central PA Power Walk for Dress for Success 2015Winners!




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Chasing the light. . . and Mikey! | Family Portrait Photography Chasing the light. . . and Mikey! 

Photography gives me the best excuse to meet up with friends! Not only do I get to be behind the lens, but I also get to catch up with the recent happenings in their lives. It's a win-win! Recently I had the opportunity to catch up and take photographs of one of my favorite families - Claudia, Mike, Mikey and the new addition to the family - Russell! 

Spring Time Family Portrait in Eastern PennsylvaniaFamily in Bloom

Has it really been a year? 

Oh my, what a difference a year can make! This adorable family grew by one and that meant that I had one more kiddo to entertain. How do you keep a toddler and a ten month old entertained at the same time? Well, you have to bring all the tools in your kit! We brought out one of the most popular tools - bubbles! Who doesn't love chasing and popping bubbles? 

Toddler LIfestyle Candid PoseRunning to Two Two Year Old Portrait 10 Month Old Outdoor PortraitGiggles

Switching Gears

When it comes to photographing kids, sometimes you have to throw your game plan out the window! Before I begin any photo session, I usually write down and plan out all the different poses I would like to capture. However when you have a shy, hungry, or sleepy child, you need to switch gears! Since Mikey had no intention of slowing down for our session, I made sure to include fun poses and took advantage of any moment that he did slow down. For me, the best photographs are the ones with genuine emotions and I think we got them here! 

Thanks to Claudia, Mike, and their two little tikes for having me take photographs! I can't wait to see what surprises next year will have in store for us. I have a funny feeling I'll be chasing two kiddos around next year and I wouldn't have it any other way! Until next year! 

Fun Family Photo SessionFun in the Sun

Family of four candid poseLook at those smiles! Little Boy Running - Lifestyle PhotographyHigh Five! Son and Father Outdoor Spring PortraitDaddy and Son  


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Giggles, Tears, and More Giggles | Family Photography An Outdoor November Portrait Session

Spring and Fall are my busiest times of year. Being an on-location photographer means having to weather, well, the weather! Spring is definitely the easiest since the only thing we're dodging are rain showers. During the Fall season we're not only dodging rain showers, but also snow showers, the early sunsets, and sometimes freezing cold temperatures. Having a stash of mittens, hand warmers, and tissues is always a great idea! Of course moving the photo session indoors is always an option, but yet the outdoors lends itself to a little more creativity and also the open space is great for the kiddos to run free.

When Krista and Cliff had scheduled a family portrait session late in November, my first question was, "Do you have a location in mind?" Last year we had the photo session in the golden light at the Cloisters in Valley Forge. With this year's photo session scheduled later in the Fall season, we had to settle on an inside location which ended up being their home which was actually perfect! Additionally Mother Nature decided to cooperate so that we could capture a few pictures outdoors! 

Family of Four Portrait in Eastern, PABig Bright Smiles

How Time Flies!

Last year when I met Matty, he was crawling through the fallen leaves and giggling at his mom's funny sounds. What a difference a year can make! Running at full speed these days, Matty has grown into his huge personality and knows exactly what he likes and dislikes. Even though he was a little unsure of me, he was soon ready for his close up! Ben grew a couple of inches as well and I think his energy also grew by leaps and bounds. How do kids have so much energy?? The one thing that didn't change --- their sweet smiles!  Sibling Portrait in Red SweatersTwinsies in Red Sweaters 5 year old Outdoor Portrait5 Year Old Smile Family of Four Holds Hands Portrait PoseHolding Hands Super Dad Carrying His BoysSuper Dad Mother and Daughter PortraitOmi and her Daughter

Moving the Party Indoors 

We grabbed as many pictures as we could outdoors, but soon the 40 degree temperatures told us to head indoors. The kids were ready for a break from being in front of the lens. Naturally a break wouldn't be complete without a mini meltdown. But, it didn't last very long! After the tears dried we were ready for some more candid photos in the living room. We ended the day with smiles and giggles on the couch - a perfect end to the day.  A Family Giggles TogetherGiggles In the Family Room Casual Family Portrait Sitting PoseFamily Snuggles








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New Family Traditions | Special Event Photography Celebrating a Life Milestone

My life has truly become fuller and richer as a photographer. I get to make new friends while witnessing significant moments of their lives. How amazing is that? This weekend marked a special time in Eva and Chris' lives: celebrating the baptism of their first child. With unseasonably warm weather and surrounded by friends and family, this day couldn't be anything but perfect.

Held at Chris' childhood church, St. Luke's Episcopal Church, in Mount Joy, the 19th century building provided a beautiful backdrop for the festivities. After the intimate, touching ceremony, we took time to take family portraits to commemorate this auspicious day and to remember all of the loved ones who supported Eva and Chris' little boy. After the ceremony and portraits, we were on our way to the Susquehanna river to begin a new tradition - launching paper lanterns into the sky. 

Baptism Special Event PhotographyAn Autumn Baptism Baptism at St Luke's Episcopal Church in Mount JoySt Luke's Episcopal Church

Baptismal Font at St. Luke's Episcopal Church in Mount Joy, PAThe Baptismal Font Baptism of a baby boy at St. Luke's Episcopal ChurchBaby Baptism Friends and Family attending a BaptismFriends and Family Portrait Portrait of BaptismBaptism Portrait Baptismal Shoes Cradled in Family HandsTiny Feet

Creating a New Tradition

To celebrate this day, Eva and Chris decided to do something special for their baby boy. Launching paper lanterns over the Susquehanna was their wonderful idea! We found a spot by the water at Chickie's Rock County Park in Marietta. Each family member grabbed a big blue lantern and began to light the papers to begin filing them with hot air. Unfortunately the wind decided to pick up which made the task incredibly difficult. After a few failed attempts, we finally saw success! It was certainly a triumphant moment for all.  Launching Paper Lanterns over the Susquehanna RiverPaper Lanterns by the Susquehanna River Special Event of Launching Paper lanternsLaunching Paper Lanterns Paper Lantern Glides over the Susquehanna RiverSuccess! Father and Son Baptism PortraitFather and Son


A Toast and Breaking Bread with Family and Friends

It wouldn't be a celebration without a delicious meal! Eva and Chris opened up their home to all their family and friends to continue the celebrations. The many heartfelt toasts by grandparents, god parents, and even parents demonstrated how much this little boy is loved and cherished. To end the event, Eva and Chris launched a couple more lanterns together. As the lanterns soared through the sky and joined in the same flight path together, I knew I was witnessing something extra special. This was the start of a brand new tradition for this family and I was there to witness it. Congratulations to Eva and Chris' family and thank you for having me be a part of this special day in your lives. 

Baptism Cake for ChristianBaptism Cake Baptismal ToastA Toast! Celebrations with Paper LanternsPaper Lanterns Paper Lanterns in the Air Lanterns in the Air


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Blue Eyes and Gray Skies | Family Portrait Photography A Chilly Autumn Day at Founders Hall in Hershey

Can you believe that Thanksgiving is only days away? Which also means that the holiday season is a little over a month away! Yikes! Where has the time gone? While lines at the department store start to get longer and longer and store parking lots get busier and crazier, this is the time of year when my calendar gets booked solid with family sessions and holiday themed portraits. And, I couldn't be happier! 

The only down side of being an on-location photographer during late autumn and winter is finding indoor locations for family portrait sessions. Some families prefer to have the portraits in the comforts of their own home. While others prefer to have a unique location for their photographs. Sometimes I luck out and have families who are willing to brave the elements to capture the perfect portrait. This past weekend I had such a family!  

Family Portrait at Founders Hall HersheyBeautiful Family of 3

Gray Skies, Rosy Cheeks, and Golden Leaves

I had the privilege of capturing Ed and Stacy's first family portraits with their little tot, Mason. Even though we had tiny pockets of sunshine in the morning, the afternoon skies were filled with a blanket of gray clouds. The chill in the air may have caused some rosy cheeks, but it didn't prevent us from having fun. 

With golden and auburn leaves still on the trees and strewn all around, the beautiful grounds of Founders Hall provided a perfect drop for our autumn themed photo session. This beautifully kept property had everything a photographer could desire: a large gazebo, walking bridges, large rocks, stone archway, a pond, red brick pathways, and beautiful fauna. As you can imagine, I was very excited to start snapping away! 

Autumn Family Portrait at Founders HallAutumn Family Portrait

Elmo Saves the Day! 

While I was super excited to start taking pictures of this beautiful family, Mason wasn't quite ready for his close up. Taking pictures of kiddos certainly requires a great deal of patience, possibly a bag of goodies, maybe a little bit of bribery....but definitely their favorite toys. Ed and Stacy brought along Mason's favorite toy - mini version of Elmo! With the great assist from Elmo and the funny faces provided by his parents, I was able to capture some adorable pictures of this cute tot and his beautiful parents. Thank goodness for Elmo! 

We ended our session in a pile of golden leaves. I'm not sure who had more fun throwing leaves - Ed and Stacy or Mason! I was definitely ready for a cup of hot cocoa when we were finished. But, I couldn't be happier with the way these photographs turned out. Thank you to Ed and Stacy for being such troopers! Special thanks to the almost full-time biped, Mason, for giving us the best smiles. Welcome to our session! 

Father and Son Portrait at Founders HallFather and Son Portrait Black and White Portrait of a Young Toddler at Founders HallCurious Eyes Mother and Son Portrait at Founders HallMother and Son Crawling toddler at Founders Hall Hershey PACrawler! Family Portrait at Founders HallFamily of Three at Founders Hall Family frolicking in leaves at Founders HallA Golden Family Toddler with this ElmoElmo Saves the Day


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Inaugural Lung Force Walk 2014 | Event Photography Uniting Women to Stand Together Against Lung Cancer

Volunteering through my photography has been one of the most rewarding aspects of this career. I have heard and have been moved by many inspirational stories of beating the odds. This weekend I learned all that I needed to know about lung cancer. Did you know that lung cancer is the #1 cancer killer of women? I personally had no idea! The American Lung Association created Lung Force to help educate and bring awareness to lung cancer and lung health.  American Lung Association Lung Force Walk BannerLung Force Walk Banner

This momentous event took place on City Island at Metro Bank Park. Upon arriving to the park, the first thing I noticed was a sea of turquoise - the signature color for Lung Force. Aside from the one mile (or optional 3 mile route) walk, there were plenty of things to see and do at the event. Open to the four legged creatures and all bipeds young and old, this event participants of all ages and sizes. The kiddos even had their own designated Kids Zone area which was equipped with hula hoops, Zumba lessons, balloon animals and hats, and an educational tent. What more could you need? Even Turkey Hilda from Turkey Hill and Red Robin stopped on by to say hello.

The adults also had plenty of options to learn and have fun. With the numerous props including turquoise feather boas and oversized glasses, the photo booth provided a great deal of entertainment for all participants. The snack area provided various foods to help keep the participants well nourished before the race. I was very impressed with the logo iced cookies that were made and donated by the Pennsylvania Bakery

At 1:15pm the opening ceremony began which included four speeches, the singing of the Star Spangled Banner, releasing of doves, and the cutting of the Ribbon. What a memorable moment! At the conclusion of cutting of the ribbon, the walkers began their path across the walking bridge, down along the river to the Sunken Gardens, and back across the bridge.

Even though the wind was whipping around like crazy across the bridge, I still enjoyed watching all the happy faces walk across the finish line. I am very excited that I was able to be a part of this worthwhile cause. Check out the American Lung Association's website for more information about their cause and how you, too, can help out! 
Mrs Turkey Hill Mascot with Lung Force VolunteersMrs Turkey Hill and the Gang Lung Force Walk logo'd CookiesLung Force Walk Cookies Monkey Balloon Animal HatMonkey'ing Around Lung Force Walk 2014 Photo Booth AccessoriesTurquoise Feather Boas and Oversized Glasses Lung Force Walk 2014 ParticipantsParticipants of Lung Force Walk 2014 Smallest Long Force Walk 2014 WalkersSmallest Participants Four Legged Lung Force Walk 2014 ParticipantFour Legged Lung Force Walker Lung Force Walk 2014 Harrisburg PALung Force Walk 2014 Lung Force Walk 2014 at the Starting LineLet it begin! Lung Force Walkers Jumping with ExcitementJumping for Awareness! Lung Force 2014 Harrisburg, PAWalking Together




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Shy Smiles at the Kings Gap Mansion | Family Portrait Photography Frolicking among the leaves

For me, the creative process for photography begins with the location. It only takes on stone wall or one set of stairs to get the creative wheels turning. However finding new places that invoke inspiration is tough! What I enjoy most about on-location photography is finding those new gems that spark my creativity.  Luckily this past weekend I was introduced to a beautiful new gem - Kings Gap Park and Mansion. 

This 2,531 acre park is located on top of the South mountain and has beautiful views of Cumberland County.  With 16 miles of hiking trails, this is a playground for the outdoorsy types.  The crown jewel of the park is the Kings Gap Mansion.  Built in 1908, this 32-room Italian style mansion was built as a summer home by James McCormick Cameron. It must be nice to have such a lovely home to summer in!! 

This location was not only chosen for its aesthetic quality, but also for sentimentality. Angi and her husband Jason were married at the Kings Gap Mansion and have taken annual family portraits with their now 3 year old daughter at this location. It's a charming tradition and I was honored to be a part of it. We had a gorgeous, albeit windy, day to take family portraits. Personally I would take windy to cold and rainy any day!! 

We started our photo session at the Kings Mansion and worked our way to the gardens where Kenzie learned the joy of throwing leaves. Even though it took a little bit of time for this shy one to warm up to me, I knew I would get some joyful smiles eventually! Thanks so much to Angi, Jason, and their adorable tike Kenzie for braving the wind. See more from our day below!  Family Portraits at the Kings Gap MansionFamily of Three in The Golden Sun Mom and Daughter Portrait at the Kings Gap MansionGiggles with Mom Couple Portrait at the Kings Gap MansionMom and Dad in the Golden Sun Family Portrait Kings Gap MansionHello from up here! Child Portrait at the Kings Gap MansionSwinging Good Time Casual Family Portrait Pose at the Kings Gap MansionFamily of Three Child Portrait in leaves at the Kings Gap MansionFun with Leaves Family Portrait in leaves at the Kings Gap MansionBlanket of Leaves Black and White Child Portrait at the Kings Gap MansionLong Eyelashes


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"F" is for Family | Family Portrait Photography Leaping into Autumn

Getting kids to cooperate in family photo sessions is an art. It's a creative formula of a little bit of cajoling, some bribery, and eventually even pleading. For the Autumn themed family session I had this weekend, it was the promise of leaping into a big pile of leaves that brought on the smiles! Who doesn't love jumping into a a pile of leaves??

Set in the backyard of their beautiful home, Jen and Tony provided the most comfortable setting for their family's portrait session. The surrounding woods and creek served as a great backdrop for our photos. Jen and Tony took great care to prep the back patio for their family session by adding colorful mums, pumpkins, and gourds around the hearth and the fireplace. Not only was the hearth well decorated, Tony even had a fire going in the fireplace. The only thing missing was mugs of mulled wine or hot cocoa. I could not have asked for a better backdrop for our afternoon session!  Autumn themed family portrait in leavesJumping into Leaves

Of course the best part of our session was the grand pile of leaves that were awaiting the kids! The smiles I captured as they leapt and landed into the pile were in a category of their own - pure joy. I had so much fun playing in the leaves with this family, their kids, and the family dog. Ot, the furry family member, may be in the winter of his years, but he still gave the most regal pose.  I hope you all get to frolic in the leaves this Autumn season as well! Enjoy the photos from our day below. Many thanks to Jen, Tony and the kiddos for being such great sports!  Autumn Themed Family Portrait in front of the fireplaceA Family that Laughs Together Autumn Themed Children Portraits in front of the FireplaceGrinning Kiddos Siblings Portrait Pose with Furry Family MemberSibling Portrait Sibling Portrait of Kids throwing leavesThrowing Leaves Sibling Portrait Pose in a pile of LeavesFun with Leaves







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Brought to You By the Number 3 | Family Photography Family Photo Session: Surrounded by Rustic Tranquility

This past weekend's photo session is being brought to you by the number three! Mr. Colton (aka Mr. Shy Guy) turns three this autumn and I was given the honors of photographing this fun milestone. Colton's mom, Kelly, wanted the perfect, fall like background for their family portraits. She suggested the Blair Mountain Bed and Breakfast.

Tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the city life, this beautiful Bed and Breakfast is located in the countryside of Dillsburg, PA. Rated as one of the best Bed and Breakfasts in the Harrisburg area, it is the perfect location for an outdoor wedding or any special event. Adding to the already charming bucolic setting, the rustic red barn (one of the main features of the property) also provides a colorful backdrop to any photo session, especially our Autumn themed session.  Family Photography at Blair Mountain Bed and Breakfast Dillsburg, PASmiles of Three

With the location decided, the next part was deciding the perfect accessories for our session. To make this day extra special, I brought a few props: a basket of mini pumpkins, colorful leaves, and a 2-foot styrofoam cut out of the number "3". Needless to say the number "3" was the piece de resistance of our photo session!  Similar to most toddlers, we only had a small window of time for Colton's patience and good humor for photos. Luckily for us he is motivated by mini marshmallows, fruit snacks, games of peak-a-boo (with my awesome assistant), and a Mickey Mouse toy camera. In the end we managed to get a bunch of genuine smiles, and even a devilish grin! We may even have a photographer in training! 

Many thanks to Kelly, Scot, and Colton for not being afraid of getting a little mud on your shoes, trampling through the shrubbery, and having me take pictures of your beautiful family and many thanks to the Blair Mountain Bed and Breakfast for allowing us to frolic around your Inn to find the perfect shot. Enjoy the lovely photos from this tranquil, rustic setting!  Children Photography Turning Three The Big Three! Children Photography Fall PortraitBlue Eyed Cutie Couple Photography Couple posing at an outdoor sessionAutumn Love Children Photography Autumn IdeasBasket O' Mini Pumpkins Family Photography with A Mother and SonMother and Son Family Photography Father and SonFather and Son Children Portraits Turning ThreeAlmost Three Family Photography Family PoseCheeky Grin Family Portrait Photographer in TrainingMini Photographer Children Photography Side ProfileSide Profile Family Photography Couple PoseA Loving Staring Contest



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A Perfectly Autumn Day for Photos | Family Photography A Perfectly Autumn Day: Apples, Mini-Pumpkins, & Colorful Leaves

The crisp air, changing leaves, gourds, apples, and pumpkin lattes, what's not to love about Autumn?? When I'm not gorging and imbibing in everything pumpkin, my next favorite thing during the fall is taking family portraits. The vibrant color of the leaves lends itself as the perfect background for photographs. This past weekend I had the chance to catch up with Miss Reagan and her lovely family. Amazing how much can change in a year! This time around Reagan's little sister joined in on the fun. Miss Teagan is not quite ready to walk, but that didn't stop her from exploring! Reagan didn't seem to mind sharing the spotlight though. She was super busy gobbling up some delicious apples that I brought as props! 

Fort Hunter Park provided the perfect backdrop for our photo session. While the girls loved the playground, I loved the scenic views of the Susquehanna River, the rustic colored covered bridge, the stone buildings, and the fiery red leaves! Even with the slight nip in air that resulted in rosy cheeks and runny noses, we managed to have a good time. We took advantage of all the picturesque spots on the property which included a pair of rocking chairs. In the end it was a perfect day to gallivant through a park! 

Thanks to Mike and Kelly for this fun-filled morning with their adorable girls. And thanks to Buck for being patient with his bi-ped family and friends! Check out all the fun we had below! 

Family Portrait on a Covered BridgeFamily of Four Portrait Children Photography Sisters sitting on a SlideSisters! Children Photography Children Rocking away on ChairsRocking Away on this Autumn Day Children Photography Playground SwingsA look of happiness Children Photography Playground Swings Happiness is a Swing! Family Portrait which includes the furry family memberAll the Kids Pet Photography Mini Australian ShepherdThe Star of the Show Family portrait with Australian ShepherdBuck - The Wonder Dog Family Portrait One year old almost walkingAlmost Walking! Children Photography Photo Session SnackApples in the Autumn Autumn Children Photography Poses with LeavesFiery Leaves and Adorable Girl Family Portraits Black and White at a parkFamily of 4


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Celebrating One in Mr. McGregor's Garden | Special Event Photography Turning One

One of the best parts of special event photography is experiencing all the creative ideas of these party organizers! From an "Under the Sea" theme to a "Construction" theme, I get to see all these Pinterest DIY projects come to life. This past weekend one of my favorite little ladies turned ONE! For her one year old celebration, her mother, Tiffany, picked an adorable theme - a Garden Party. I couldn't imagine a cuter theme for Miss Norah! 

The room was decorated in the style of Mr. McGregor's garden which also included a variety of vegetables in green pint containers, miniature pumpkins and gourds, a garden fence, and plenty of pictures of Peter Rabbit. Tiffany and Rob provided a delicious menu for the party that included homemade meatballs, pulled pork, macaroni and cheese, vegetable tray, and a variety of salads (My favorite being the broccoli salad!). Needless to say we were all stuffed from all the delicious spread! 

No longer the sleeping beauty that I met last October, Miss Norah was ready to mingle with all her family and friends! This lucky birthday girl had all her favorite people to help celebrate her first birthday, including all her grandparents, aunt, cousins, and even the doula who helped bring her into this world. There was certainly a lot of love for Miss Norah in the room. 

The part that I enjoy most during these parties is the smashing of the cake! Up until this point Norah had only had a small taste of the sweet deliciousness of cake. This would be the first day when she would be able to dive into her very own cupcake! She was either going to really love it or really hate. After seeing frosting flying onto the walls and smeared all over her face, I'm going to take a wild guess that she loved it! 

Watching these little ones grow up from being wee little babies to walking and talking humans is such a privilege! Thanks to Tiffany and Rob for inviting me to the party and to be a part of their little girl's life. Happy birthday, Norah!! Scroll through to see additional pics from this festive day in the garden! 

Birthday Party Sign for Norah's One Year Old Garden PartyNorah's Garden Party Peter Rabbit Themed Birthday CupcakePeter Rabbit Themed Party Mom with her One Year Old Birthday GirlMom and Birthday Girl Garden Party Menu Garden Party Menu One Year Old Birthday Picture BannerBirthday Banner with Photos Peter Rabbit Cupcake and Birthday Carrot CakePeter Rabbit Cupcake and Carrot Cake Family of Three at Daughter's One Year Old PartyFamily of 3 One Year Old Tastes Cake for the First TimeFirst Tastes of Birthday Cake Wilmington Doula with ClientWilmington Doula





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Special Delivery | Family Portrait Photography Special Delivery: Pretty in Pink

The anticipation of the arrival of a newborn baby can drive any expectant mother a bit crazy. Many of my close girlfriends have spent the last week of their pregnancy gorging on spicy foods, going on long walks, preparing their homes, and/or simply nesting. Now imagine being in the shoes of a five year old boy waiting for the arrival of his new baby sister! Hayden, the doting older brother, couldn't wait for the arrival of his baby sister!  I am not sure he fully understands what having a little sister means, but he's going to find out very soon! 

Paige finally made her appearance in late August. With ten perfect tiny fingers and toes, long eyelashes, pouty lips, and a full head of hair, she is going to be breaking hearts in the near future! I couldn't get enough of this baby girl's sweet face. I had a wonderful time photographing this little sweat pea. Michelle, who is a sewing machine and craft wizard, made adorable head bands for the photo session which added a sweet personal touch to the photographs. Hayden was a good little helper always on hand to help soothe Paige when she cried. We can't forget about the Paige and Hayden's father, Aenoi who helped out with positioning the baby for all the beautiful photographs. 

Welcome to the world, Paige!! You have some awesome parents and a great older brother. And, welcome to our photo session! 

Newborn baby girl born in AugustSpecial DeliveryThe arrival of a newborn Baby brother meets baby sister in newborn photography Central PennsylvaniaBig Brother Meets Baby SisterHello Little Sister Sleeping newborn baby girlNewborn Baby GirlSleeping Beauty Newborn Five Year old brother kisses baby sisterSibling loveBrotherly Kisses New mother holds newborn baby girlMom and DaughterMotherly Love Older brother holds baby sisterBrotherly LoveSweetness is the love shared with siblings A newborn baby girl completes a Central PA family. Family of FourAnd Baby Makes Four A father holds his newborn baby girlFatherly loveA Doting New Father

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We Are . . .Turning Two! | Children Portraits| Turning Two in "Happy Valley"

What surprises me the most is how fast children grow! I met Miss Bella just about a year ago. At that time she was a smiley little girl who was extremely curious about the world around her. Just about ready to walk, she would crawl or couch surf to her desired destination. Fast forward a year later and she is still a smiley little girl with a desire to explore. However, this time she was a walking and talking machine! Carrying her Ariel princess doll and requesting to watch Miss Piggy on the TV, Miss Bella had some personality and I couldn't wait to photograph it! Bella was definitely ready for her close up this time around. She was already posing and saying "cheeeeeeese!" This was going to be a fun day!

Bella's parents are huge (and I mean HUGE) Penn State fans! Naturally our first stop on the tour of State College had to be the Nittany Lion Shrine. If you're unfamiliar with this sculpture, it is a large mountain lion made by Heinz Warneke which is located on the main campus of Penn State University. Did you know it's the second most photographed landmark in Pennsylvania, behind the Liberty Bell?? I had no idea! Bella didn't know what to think of the nittany lion. Getting her to stand by the lion proved to be a little challenging. We did manage to get a few pictures of her! After our stop at the Lion Shrine we went to the Nittany Lion Inn which is another popular landmark on campus. Bella enjoyed running around, laying in the grass, and playing with the chain fence. Like I mentioned before, she is a curious little girl!

After exploring the Nittany Lion Shrine and Inn, we were off to the Arboretum. Since the last time I visited they have added a whole new area for children and Bella, like me, was very excited to return! We had a great afternoon rolling around the grass, wading in the creek, and exploring the ins and outs of this beautiful garden. At first I tried to get Bella to sit, but after a few pictures I realized this was going to be a "chase and click" kind of session which I love.  Photographing children often involves throwing that game plan out the window and just winging it. I had a wonderful time with Bella and her parents. At the end of our afternoon I was rewarded by a Bella hug! I'm completely exhausted but I absolutely love all the photographs from our day. I hope you enjoy them too. Welcome to Bella's photo session at Penn State University! 

A family of 3 sits by the Lion Shrine at Pennsylvania State University PSUWe are...Penn State! Two year old with the Lion Shrine at PSULittle girl and her lion Two year old portrait by the Nittany Lion InnBella and the Nittany Lion Inn Two year old shows her stuffed dog the fountainsBella and her Doggy Little girl lays in the grass at the parkEnjoying the Sun Little girl playing in the Lily PondPlaying in the Lily Pond Little girl playing in the creekBella and the Creek Family Kisses PortraitFamily Kisses

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